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Challenges to sustainability in the U.S. forest sector

10 steps on a critical path toward sustainability in the U.S. forest sector

Last Frontier Forests
Las Ultimas Fronteras Forestales

North and Central America Facts

  • Original forest covered 12.7 million square kilometers in North and Central America.
  • Only 3.9 million square kilometers (31%) remain as healthy intact forest (as frontier forest).
  • Frontier forest in Central America makes up only 10% of original forest cover.
  • In the lower 48 States, only 1% of original forest remains as forest frontier.
  • Canada is home to 25% of the world's forest frontiers and 88% of North and Central America's.
  • 87% of frontier forest in Central America is threatened.
  • 84% of North America's threatened frontier forests are under threat from logging.